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Beneath by Gill Arbuthnott


288 pp.  
5" x 8"

Floris Books


“She plunged beneath the surface, her eyes blind in the murky, green water: dived again and again until she couldn't take another breath. There was no trace. Freya was gone.”

Jess has heard the rumors, old folk tales of creatures that live beneath the water—dangerous shapeshifters with a taste for human children. She's dismissed them as crazy stories...until her best friend is stolen and Jess discovers all the legends are true.

Trying to rescue her friend, she meets one of them—a kelpie—but he turns out to be nothing like she imagined.

Caught between two worlds, between kelpies and humans, and between mysterious Finn and brave Magnus, Jess must choose between what she's always known...and what lies beneath.

Gill Arbuthnott creates an enthralling world of love and revenge, divided loyalties and imminent danger in this brilliant fantasy novel for young teens set in sixteenth-century Scotland.

(Ages 11-14)