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Foundations of the Extra Lesson, by Joep Eikenboom


Foundations of the Extra Lesson, by Joep Eikenboom

The exercises by Audrey McAllen as published in The Extra Lesson are not just an example of what an individual teacher can develop when confronted with the needs of her students. Audrey developed an archetypal concept, deeply rooted in Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy, which goes far beyond the level of the individual. The exercises address the spirit forces within the body and integrate the movements of the students into the universal movements of the earth. Practicing the exercises oneself will reveal their effectiveness; studying the concepts from which these exercises are developed will deepen our understanding of why they work.

Topics addressed:

  • Human Development
  • Lectures on the Senses and Supersensible Currents
  • Right-angled Triangle and Threefold Spiral Exercises
  • Two Painting Exercises
  • Copper Ball and Moving Straight Line and Lemniscate Exercises
  • Eye Color Affinity: Blue Moon and Red Sun Drawing
  • The Qualities of the Colors
  • Colors in the Extra Lesson Painting Exercises
  • Mirroring and the Imprinting Process
  • Handedness Pattern Assessment and Flower Rod Exercise
  • The Cube as Reversal of Three-dimensional Space
  • The Divine Architecture of the Structural Physical Body
Joep Eikenboom is a Waldorf class teacher and Extra Lesson practitioner in the Netherlands. He has worked extensively with Audrey McAllen and other Extra Lesson teachers to found remedial education teacher training programs in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and Ireland.