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Learning Difficulties, edited by Mary Ellen Willby


Learning Difficulties, edited by Mary Ellen Willby

Collected experiences from many dedicated teachers working with challenged children. Some of the topics addressed include:

  • The Structural Physical Body as Archetype of Man's Spiritual Being
  • The Postural System
  • An Immature Movement Pattern which Interferes with Reading and the Vertical Midline Barrier
  • Dominance and Handedness
  • Exercises and Lessons with Students
  • Tension in Writing
  • Strengthening Memory
  • Restlessness in Class
  • Three Dimensions of Space
  • Older Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Body Geography through the Grades
  • Classroom Exercises for Helping Eye Movement in Relation to Writing and Reading
  • Child Study and Assessment
  • Guidelines for the Teaching of Writing
  • Spelling and Reading in the Early Grades
  • Movement in the Earliest Years
  • First Grade Readiness

"The present trend in education which gives almost exclusive value to cognitive skills from the earliest age of childhood, and is encouraging an ever increasing use of computer technology from kindergarten on, is also bound to guarantee greater and greater learning difficulties in the range of so-called normal children. The subject of this handbook must therefore, surely, become center-stage in the coming years. It offers in a series of articles an exposition based on spiritual science of the complex background to childhood learning difficulties at the levels of spirit, soul and body. The reader will meet a challenging view point, displaying a wide choice of observations of child development and offering a wide variety of exercises to overcome obstacles in learning. This book encourages the teacher to develop a healthy and sympathetic response to the child in difficulty by a more careful observation of symptoms and to a deepening understanding of the sources of the hindrances."

 --John Thomson, Emerson College

Mary Ellen Willby has been a dedicated supporter of the work of Audrey McAllen since the 1980s. She has worked with children and adults, taught and mentored Extra Lesson practitioners, and collaborated on research in this field.