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The Boy with the Butterfly Mind by Victoria Williamson


224 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books

Published:  November 2019

Jamie Lee just wants to be normal, but his ADHD isn't making it easy. If only he could control his butterfly mind, then he'd have friends, be able to keep out of trouble, live with his mum, and not be sent to stay with his dad.

Elin Watts just wants to be perfect. If she could be the best student and daughter possible, then maybe her dad would leave his new family and come back to Glasgow to live with her and her mum—happily ever after.

When Jamie and Elin's families blend, the polar opposites of chaotic Jamie and ordered Elin collide. As their lives spiral out of control, Jamie and Elin discover that they're actually more alike than they would like to admit. Maybe there's no such thing as normal or perfect. And perhaps, just like families, happy-ever-afters come in all shapes and sizes.

Uplifting and moving, The Boy with the Butterfly Mind is an inspiring story of acceptance, blended families, and discovering that in the end, being yourself is more than enough.

(Ages 9–12 years)

  • “My heart broke and soared by turns in this inspiring story of two kids who seem to have nothing in common but a desperate desire for their family to be whole.” —Shari Green, author of The Rainbow Goddess

    “What a master class in empathy. This book gave me such a terrific insight into how ADHD affects a young boy and those around him. It is a great reminder that we shouldn't automatically judge others. I was rooting for Jamie and Elin!” —Lisa Thomson, author of Ostrich Boy

    “Moving. Powerful. Relevant. Contemporary storytelling at its very best. Another triumph from Victoria Williamson tackling important issues relevant to kids in a powerful and moving way.” —Juliette Forrest, author of Twister

    “Truly sensational. Told through two voices and suffused with real heart; empathy & emotionally-invested storytelling at its best that has so much to teach today’s children. My heart genuinely aches. A must, must, must read.” —Scott Evans, The Reader Teacher blog

    “Fantastic to have a book about ADHD and by such a sensitive writer. So helpful for empathy, understanding and identity. Everyone needs to see themselves in books.” —Chloe Daykin, author of Fish Boy