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The Singing Year Songbook and CD for singing with young children by Candy Verney


Singing with babies and young children is one of the joys of being a parent. It is a lifetime gift from you that children love. This handbook will bring increased awareness of children's natural surroundings. Singing about the seasons creates a connection and helps children become aware of natural rhythms and cycles.

The Singing Year, which includes a learning CD and illustrations, is arranged by season and contains more than 100 songs. Some are traditional, and many are composed by Candy, with poems by Nicola Wickstead and Julie Tonkin. Included are songs about animals, plants, and seasonal phenomena that appeal especially to children. Each section ends with suggestions for seasonal crafts and games.

To emphasize the connection with the natural world, the book also includes lists of plants that can be grown easily in any nursery garden.

192 pp.  
Hawthorn Press