Meadowsweet Naturals Waldorf Art, Handwork, Books and More for Home & School

Meadowsweet Naturals is located in the beautiful upper Hudson Valley in New York. We are a home based business wanting to fill the gap for those wanting personalized service and connection with the people they purchase from. We have been a homeschooling family for 20 plus years and when you reach out you'll reach me, Pamela.  I'm the mama of 8 wonderful people and married forever to my life love who has always supported me with Meadowsweet Naturals. Most of our sales are on line but we do have a physical shop that you can visit by appointment, so if you are local reach out. I'm always happy to assist with product selection or just to listen to a weary parent, hey, I've been there too. I also offer Life Coaching, Relationship and Functional Nutrition Coaching, just reach out if you are every interested in those services. Meadowsweet Naturals serves parents, teachers, charter schools and all are products a new. I look forward to connecting with you.