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The Guilds of Tir Na NÓg: A Collection of Celtic Dream Tales by Sieglinde De Francesca

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This is a book for you ADULTS to enjoy. It is not intended for reading to children! You adults deserve some wonderment as well.

Nineteenth-century Ireland was a land of poets and crafters, rebels and dreamers; a nation of a fierce and noble people. It was a mystic land of salt and peat and honey.

Find in The Guilds of Tir na nÓg a number of Celtic dream tales to transport you to that fabled time and place. Here are haunting stories of the lives of everyday characters who encounter the unexpected and supernatural. These are stories of life, loss, and redemption, woven with threads of magic, myth, and serendipity.

Travel across mist-veiled moors, ride the surly sea, enter poor stone cottages and walk the sooty, cobbled streets of Dublin. You’ll encounter a curious peddler with a magical gift, a changeling child, a ghost or two, a treasure found, a myth turned real, and much more. This collection of stories celebrates a people driven by an obdurate spirit, guided by superstition, hounded by a harsh fate, and bound by a tenacious love.

"In this singular gem of a book the master story-teller’s long perfected craft reaches a glory and grace that utterly ‘charms’, in all senses of that word." --- Ann Cowart Lutzky, award winning author of “Those Beautiful Eyes”

"Sieglinde De Francesca weaves the ordinary and the magical into a tapestry of entrancing stories. These tales carry the cadence of the oral tradition - sit by the fire, read them aloud, and be transported to realms of enchantment."   --- Mary Gomes, Ph.D.,Professor of Mythology/Symbolism

116 pages

12 Celtic Dream tales