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Elsa Beskow Calendar 2024 Elsa Beskow

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Elsa Beskow is one of Sweden's best-known authors and illustrators. Her picture books have been loved for more than a century.

This monthly calendar is beautifully illustrated with Elsa Beskow's characteristic seasonal artwork, featuring joyful children and magical little folk. The main UK, US, and Swedish public holidays are indicated.

The calendar includes illustrations from

— Ollie's Ski Trip
— Around the Year
— Children of the Forest
— Woody, Hazel and Little Pip
— and many more . . .

The picture books represented in the calendar are all published in English by Floris Books.

The Elsa Beskow calendar is beautifully presented in a sturdy cardboard envelope—no plastic! In addition, our eco-friendly printing processes include the use of sustainable (FSC) paper and plant-based inks, which reduce chemical emissions and make the calendar easier to recycle.