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As My Heart Awakes by Arthur M. Pittis


Suggested as a Waldorf Reader for Early Third Grade

Illustrations by Ausa M. Peacock
Fables & Saint Legends

Part of a five book series with over 125 multi-cultural stories and poems that complement the pedagogical intentions of the language arts curriculum.

Progressively controlled and increasingly rich sight and phonetic vocabulary development from story to story and book to book.

Progressively developing sentence structures from story to story.

All stories are designed for forty-five minute periods, including instruction and discussion time.

Table of Contents:
John Wesley's Rule
Godric and the Hare
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Here We Come A-Haying
The Turtle Who Talked too Much
Saint Moling and the Fox
The Boy and the Nuts
Harvest Song
The Fox and the Grapes
A Lesson in Compassion
The Wolf and the Watchdog
The Miller Who Tried to Please Everybody
The Boy Bishop
The Gnat and the Lion
Jack Frost Was in the Garden
Bell the Cat
The Three Dowerless Maidens
The Frog in the Pail of Cream
The Witch
The Banyan Deer
The Jackass in the Lion's Skin
The Three Schoolboys and the Salting Tub
The Lion and the Mouse
The Miser
Two Little Kittens
The Golden Cups
The Chimp and the Dolphin
The Dog and the Porcupine
The Suspicious Disciple
At the Lion's Den
Why the Dog and the Cat Are Enemies
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Everything the Lord Does Is for the Best
The Proud Bull-Frog
The Danger of Knowing How to Read
Lucia and the Trolls

Waldorf Publications

ISBN 1-888365-62-5
102 pages
7.25 x 8.75 inches