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  • Assortment Light and Mysticism - 14 Postcards


    Product No.: 95305191 Assortment Light and Mysticism - Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl - made in the Netherlands 14 postcards assorted, 11.7x17.3 cm (4.21x5.91 inch)
    Marjan van Zeyl painted these beautiful cards. This set contains cards with natural phenomena such as sunlight and rainbows, but also with angels and legends like Odin on his horse.

    This assortment contains the following postcards:
    Luminous Light
    Grail Castle
    Mountain Valley
    Evening Ambiance
    St. Johns Fire
    Peace On Earth
    Lucia's Light Crown
    King Arthur
    Easter Resurrection
    Michael and the dragon
    Odin from the Edda
    Landscape With Rainbow