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Assortment Seasons and Seasonal Festivals II - 14 Postcards - by Marjan van Zeyl


14 postcards assorted, 10.7x15 cm (4.21x5.91 inch)

Seasons and seasonal festivals like St. Nicolas and Christmas are the basis for this series of postcards by Marjan van Zeyl. Capturing their essence and mood for her pictures, the Dutch painter designed the cards in an artistic and particularly child-friendly way. This series combines well with the spring/summer series and the other seasonal festivals, giving a complete overview of the year’s seasonal events.

This assortment contains the following postcards:
St. Nicolas
St. Nicolas & Peter
December Cookies
In Bethlehem
Shepherds in Cold Winter night
The Three Kings
Steamer with St. Nicolas
Bye, bye St. Nicolas
St. Nicolas and Peter on Roof
St. Nicolas Eve
Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem
Wise Men followed the Star
The Holy Family