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  • Baking Bread with Children Foreword by Warren Lee Cohen and Tom Herbert


    128 pp.  
    Hawthorn Press


    With a little know-how, anyone can transform a few basic ingredients into a delicious, sustaining loaf of bread. Baking Bread with Children has everything you need to share the magic of baking with children of all ages. The techniques and recipes are cleverly seasoned with stories, songs (with music), and poems that make the whole process truly enjoyable for everyone.

    Included are instructions for building and using a bread oven, baking projects for kindergarten and school, and useful information on nutrition.

    Baking Bread with Children is a great resource for all parents of young children and early-education teachers.


    1. What Baking Bread Brings to Children
    2. Bread Stories
    3. Tips and Ingredients
    4. Recipes
      • Fun Breads
      • Festive Breads
      • Quick Breads
      • Sourdough Breads
      • Leftover Bread
    5. Songs, Poems, and Blessings to Celebrate Bread
    6. Bread Projects and Educational Activities
      • Building a Bread Oven
      • Bakery and Farm Visit
      • Secret Message Buns
      • Sculptures and Decorations
      • Baking Challenges
    7. Enlivening the Senses—Teaching with Bread
    8. Baking at School
    9. Seven Grains and Nutrition
    10. Factory-made Bread—Wheat Sensitivities, Allergies, and Coeliac Disease
    11. Author's Bread Biography
    12. Appendix: The Benefits of Organic and Biodynamic Food
    13. Bibliography, Useful Websites, and Index