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Biographies for Eighth Grade by Susan Cook

Twenty Remarkable Men and Women
Susan Cook has assembled the stories of twenty remarkable men and women from around the world including:

John Harrison - 18th Century England

Eli Whitney - 18th/19th Century United States

Sequoyah - 19th Century North America

Simon Bolivar - 19th Century South America

Benito Juarez - 19th Century Mexico

Frederick Douglass - 19th Century United States

Harriet Tubman - 19th/20th Century United States

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - 19th Century United States

Clara Barton - 19th/20th Century United States

Marie Curie - 19th/20th Century Poland/France

Janusz Korczak - 19th/20th Century Poland

Mohandas Gandhi - 19th/20th Century India

Hellen Keller - 19th/20th Century United States

Mao Zedong - 20th Century China

Nien Cheng - 20th Century China

Jomo Kenyatta - 20th Century Kenya

Nelson Mandela - 20th Century South Africa

Martin Luther King, Jr. - 20th Century United States

Cesar Chavez - 20th Century United States

Wangari Maathai - 20th/21st Century Kenya

Each chapter has one or more illustrations by students from the San Francisco Waldorf School.

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ISBN 978-1-888365-92-4
166 pages
5 x 7 inches