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Can Findus Find Pettson? by Sven Nordqvist By (author)



Product Dimensions: 6.7 X 6.7 in
20 pg

Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson. But where is Pettson? Findus asks everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know—not the hens, not the cows, and not even the muckles. How will Findus find Pettson?

Suitable for children from age two to four years, this board book is brightly illustrated with lively and lovable characters. As with other Findus books in the series, it follows the adventures and misdemeanors of the mischievous Findus the Cat and Farmer Pettson, along with their muckle friends.

In their vibrant storylines, the Findus books gently approach personal and social issues that the characters learn to overcome with humor and playfulness.

(Ages 1–5 years)