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Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations Anthroposophic Ideas to Ensure the Wellbeing of Our Children in This Digital Age


Based on the authors’ many years of medical experience in the “trenches,” this book offers new ways of looking at the complex topic of childhood illnesses and immunizations. Essential information is presented from an anthroposophic point of view:

• Childhood illnesses – their fundamental characteristics and meaning
• Immunization information – benefits and dangers
• Remedies (more than 100!) – related to immunizations and the general wellbeing of children
• Anthroposophic medicine – essential concepts
• Spiritualized medicine – Why is it so essential in relation to immunizations?
• Rudolf Steiner’s texts – a comprehensive selection on immunizations and childhood illnesses
• Basic Immunology – combining natural and spiritual scientific insights

This book is a must-have to guide parents in health-care decisions for their children.

All royalties from the sale of this book go to support the research and educational work of the Lili Kolisko Institute for Anthroposophic Medicine. Cover painting: I Am the Door, by Laura Summer.

178 pages