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  • Christopher's Garden by Elsa Beskow


    32 pp.  
    11 1/2" x 9 1/4"
    Illustrations: In color

    Floris Books

    Published:  March 2017

    Christopher often plays on his own in his garden...until one day, he discovers a whole new world! A strange boy called September takes him on a hunt for a lost ball, meeting lots of folk along the way: the playful gooseberry boys, Mrs. Bramley Apple, the strawberry families, Mr. Scarecrow, and many more.

    Christopher learns all about the different fruits, berries, and vegetables growing in his garden, and makes lots of new friends, who promise always to play with him.

    This heartwarming book shows Elsa Beskow's classic illustrations at their best, bringing nature alive for young readers.

    (Ages 3 - 7)

    This book was previously titled Christopher's Harvest Time.