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Creative Nature Play Imaginative Crafting, Games, Stories & Adventures by Nadezhda Ostretsova

“We’re Poppy and Noah, children of the forest. Together with the animals and birds, we affectionately call our forest ‘Mother Nature.’ We live in the wild woods, and it is the best playground ever! All our games are in this book. We’ll show you how to play them with sticks and pinecones, sheep’s wool and beeswax.”

Learn how to make simple craft projects from natural materials such as pine-cones and sheep’s wool. Suitable for children aged 5–8. Creative Nature Play connects children with nature and develops eye–hand coordination, dexterity, and imagination through tried and tested, age-appropriate projects. Teaching tips are included, along with charming rhymes, anecdotes, and stories to keep children playfully engaged.

“Creative Nature Play is more than a crafting book. The stories, rhymes and games nurture an emotional connection to nature. There is so much here to help you while away a wonderful childhood in the forest.” —Allice Elerby, Juno magazine

64 pages