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Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Playful Explorations in the Four Elements by Kraul, Walter Maclean, Donald


Earth, Water, Fire, and Air encourages children’s interest in the surrounding natural world, illustrating a broad range of activities, games, and toys to make, each involving one of the four elements of earth, water, fire, or air. In fun and creative ways, the projects introduce children to basic scientific principles, such as gravity, momentum, and light refraction.

The book provides full instructions and diagrams for making projects such as a waterwheel, a paddlewheel boat, a propeller plane, a parachute, a windmill, a simple pendulum clock, spinning tops, a hot-air balloon, and much more. Some are simple enough for a six-year-old, others are challenging enough for a twelve-year-old to enjoy.

104 pages

This new edition includes updated color photographs and diagrams, as well as a handful of new activities for all children to enjoy.

(Ages 6–12)