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Education as Preventative Medicine, by Michaela Glockler

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Education as Preventative Medicine, by Michaela Glockler

A great reference book on how the teacher and the doctor can work together to foster good health from birth through the teen years.

Contributions to this book from school physicians point in the direction already suggested by Rudolf Steiner. Modern research into salutogenesis and resilience has also provided validation and corroboration for these ideas. . . . Salutogenesis means 'inquiry into the origin of health.' This line of thinking represents a new paradigm, a new direction for research. ?Michaela Glockler, MD

How and when something is taught affects the student's disposition towards health or illness for life. The whole Waldorf curriculum is built on an understanding of the development and physiology of the child. . . . The healthy development of the physical body is the basis for a healthy unfolding of the soul-spiritual individuality of the child. Therefore it is of great importance that doctors and teachers work together. ?Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann

A few of the topics addressed in this book:

Metamorphosis of Growth Forces into Thought Activity

Rudolf Steiner's Description of a School Physician's Task (Child study in faculty meetings: psychological insight into the individual child; Pedagogical-constitutional classification; Educating practical life experience through dexterity exercises; Nutrition-Interest-Consciousness)

Homework: whom does it serve?

Weekly Schedules and Results of Research on Rhythm

Physiological Effects of Education

Rudolf Steiner's Comments on Subject Areas (Forming mental images; History, geography, geology: finding oneself through experiencing the world; Artistic instruction and developing the faculty of judgment; Lifting unconscious questions into consciousness; The effect of instruction on the ego; Stimulation of intelligence; Speech instruction; Reading and observing; Zoology; On the differentiation of the sexes; Music and singing; Eurythmy; Eurythmy and singing; Arithmetic and morality; Physics and intellectuality; Threefoldness of the human organism and the interaction of science, art, and religion)

School Physicians' Reports?insights into soccer, dyslexia, anorexia and many other subjects

Michaela Glockler, MD, is a pediatrician who has served for many years as the head of the Medical Section of the anthroposophical center in Dornach, Switzerland. She coordinates research, lectures worldwide, and has particular interest in the ways in which doctors and educators can assist each other.