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Everyday Eurythmy An Illustrated Guide to Discovering Balance and Self-Healing through Movement by Barbara Tapfer and Annette Weisskircher


168 pp.  
7 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Illustrations: 180 Color

Floris Books

Published:  June 2017 

Eurythmy is a way of transforming speech sounds into movement, making the sounds visible and drawing out their power. The movement gestures of eurythmy are alive and dynamic and have a powerful effect on body, soul and spirit—as when a stone falls into water and leaves visible ripples. Eurythmy therapy is an effective means of restoring balance to the human body and stimulating self-healing through healthy movement.

This unique book, the first significant attempt to photographically record and demonstrate basic eurythmy therapy movements, describes and illustrates the core speech/sound exercises—vowel exercises, consonant exercises and soul exercises that include love, hope, and sympathy.

This book is not a replacement for a qualified eurythmy therapist, but is intended as guidance and orientation for patients practicing on their own—perhaps after a few initial sessions with a therapist—or for more experienced, nonprofessional eurythmists.