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Filia oil crayons series 103 - Box 12 ass. - NO BLACK


Product No.: 20725313 Filia oil crayons series 103 - Box 12 ass. - NO BLACK - made in Denmark These wonderful crayons are breakable. I cannot guarantee no breakage upon arrival. I pack them carefully. Best for older children. Really lovely.
cardboard box, 12 crayons, 60x7.5x7.5 mm (2.36x0.3x0.3 inch), 12 colours assorted, no black
The oil pastels, made by the established Danish company Filia, have been a classic in Danish schools for decades. The lightfast colours are transparent and mix very well. They allow for many interesting drawing techniques. Using a sponge and turpentine, it is possible to make an oil pastel drawing look like a watercolour. The classic Filia Oil Crayons are square and pointed for the drawing of defined contours. The edges or the flat surfaces are suitable for two-dimensional drawing and shading.
colour: 52 dark brown ¦ 53 dark blue ¦ 54 pale green ¦ 55 red ¦ 56 vermilion ¦ 57 orange ¦ 58 yellow ¦ 59 white ¦ 60 blue violet ¦ 61 pale blue ¦ 62 dark green ¦ 82 dark pink