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Finding Inner Balance Meditative Exercises for Mindfulness, Empathy and Strengthening the Will Klaus Adams, Wolfgang Rissmann and Marko Roknic Translated by Matthew Barton


In the midst of life, we can find ourselves pulled in many different directions, and it is easy to lose our sense of self. Can we find and strengthen the inner core of who we are? Can we rediscover our inner equilibrium and tranquillity without retreating from the world? 

Ever since ancient times, people have sought to reestablish inner balance by using various meditative practices. The "soul exercises" described in this brief book are derived from Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual philosophy, while also acknowledging the Buddhist tradition abd mindfulness meditation. Offering strategies to boost self-confidence, self-reliance, inner stability, and concentration, they are intended for anyone seeking personal inner development. These exercises are perfect for enriching daily life, and can be of help especially during times of stress, mental and emotional crisis, burn-out, and in the context of psychiatric and psychosomatic therapies. 

In a series of short chapters, illustrated with beautiful color photos, this book offers accessible, easy-to-follow commentaries and instructions for creating a path of inner development and balance.


January 2021