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  • Findus Rules the Roost by Author and Illustrator Sven Nordqvist


    28 pp.  
    8 1/4" x 10 3/4"
    Illustrations: Color

    Hawthorn Press

    Published:  July 2017

    Old man Pettson has ten hens in his hen house. Findus the cat often teases them and plays chase with them around the yard. The chickens are Findus’ best friends, second only to Pettson.

    One day, Pettson brings home a rooster. The rooster is loud, and does not want Findus to play with the hens. In fact the rooster chases him away! Findus is unhappy and his ears are aching, but what can he do?

    Find out what happens in this, the tenth Findus and Pettson book published by Hawthorn Press.

    (Ages 3–8 years)

    The Findus and Pettson books have sold more than 6 million in 44 different languages and are beloved by children around the world. These friendly, fun stories are perfect for reading aloud to children from 3 years of age, and for older children to read for themselves.