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I Love to Be Me Songs in the Mood of the Fifth by Channa Seidenberg and Kingsley Little


Channa Seidenberg and Kingsley Little
60 pp.  
Illustrations: 24

Wynstones Press

Published:  October 2015


I love to be me is a wonderful selection of thirty-two songs for young children, aged 5 to 9 years and beyond. Channa A. Seidenberg compiled this delightful collection while working with children. The music is composed using a seven-stringed lyre in the pentatonic scale, and it can easily be played using any twelve key instrument.

I Love to Be Me is thoroughly illustrated in color, with twenty-four charming watercolor illustrations by Kingsley Lou Little, which help bring the words and music to life.

This book is recommended for all parents and teachers of young children.