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  • Katy's Christmas Gift by Author and Illustrator Bernadette Watts


    32 pp.  
    8 5/8" x 11 1/2"
    Illustrations: Color

    Floris Books

    Katy sets out in the snow to visit the new baby born in the innkeeper's stable. She is bringing gifts: a loaf of bread, her cat Sasha and, most important, her favorite toy—a wooden bird whistle.

    But Sasha doesn't want to play in the cold snow, and the animals of the forest eat the bread. Soon Katy's carefully chosen gifts are gone...except the most special one of all.

    As the snow gets deeper and she becomes colder, Katy wonders whether she'll ever have the chance to give her gift to the baby?

    Katy's Christmas Gift is a heart-warming and original version of the Christmas story for young children. Bernadette Watt's lively illustrations are full of color, light, joy, and festive feeling.

    Ages 4 and up