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Learning with Findus and Pettson Telling the Time Sby ven Nordqvist


Learning with Findus and Pettson: Telling the Time is a fun activity book that helps young children learn how to tell the time with an analog clockface. Analogue clocks help children understand the passage of time because clocks have hands that continuously move and kids can “see” how long it will be until an appointment just by looking at the clockface. The book also reinforces a child’s knowledge of numbers and introduces basic fractions and angles.

Suitable for children from age 4 to 8, this activity book is brightly illustrated with the lively and entertaining characters of Sven Nordqvist. He included puzzles, mazes, and activities in this book to spark the imagination and engage young minds—all aided by Findus the cat and farmer Pettson as well as their many muckle friends.

(Ages 4–8 years) paperback