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Little Pearl By Martin Widmark Emilia Dziubak


Floris Books
8.5 X 11.0 in
32 pg Hardback book

named a USBBY Best International Book 2019.The House of Lost and Found,This intriguing, beautiful tale of wonder and sibling love has echoes of Alice in Wonderland in its surreal, atmospheric setting. Martin Widmark's vivid story is brought to life for young children through spectacularly imaginative illustrations by Emilia Dziubak. Martin and Emilia are also the creators of
But then she is captured by an evil crab and forced to dive for pearls. Beneath the water Grace hears a familiar tune: could it be her brother? And if so, how can they escape this dreamlike land? 

Grace's brother has disappeared and she misses him, and his music, terribly. One day, she finds herself falling, falling... and wakes up in a strange land where she is as tiny as a bug. Exploring this amazing world, filled with incredible creatures, Grace feels happier than she has done for a long time.