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Making Waldorf Crafts Step-by-Step Crafts for Children from 6 to 8 Years by Nina Taylor Foreword by Jill Tina Taplin


The contents of this book provide a clear and detailed account of how to bring appropriate craft activities to children aged six to eight years old, just at the stage where they feel how the skills that their fingers have are waking up and ready for sustained and productive work. These craft skills and projects will stretch burgeoning capacities and fuel enthusiasm for future crafting adventures.” —Jill Tina Taplin

This is a recipe book to guide young people through making things on their own (with a little help from an adult when needed), with lots of pictures to follow and helpful rhymes to help them remember.

From disappearing rabbits (“slip knots” to you) and knitted donkeys, this book has everything needed to encourage small hands learn to sew, knit, and weave and will improve their cognitive development and manual dexterity for life. The author’s charming anecdotes, tips, and clear illustrations are invaluable for guiding children to learn with their hands.

School curriculums are under increasing pressure to fulfill preordained academic goals, while these projects provide opportunities to develop dexterity, eye–hand coordination, and creativity with a series of tried and tested, age-appropriate projects to build skills. Techniques include spinning, knitting, sewing, and weaving. The projects and techniques are accompanied by stories and anecdotes that children will be unable to resist.

Projects include finger knitting, knitted animals, sewing a flute case, and keeping a handwork diary. Although some of these projects might require one-on-one attention, projects are also included for young people to begin while also waiting for help. Regular teaching tips guide adults in the best ways to demonstrate skills and make them engaging.