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Music through the Grades In the Light of the Developing Child (2nd Edition)


This book is for music teachers and class teachers in Waldorf Schools who are searching for age-appropriate songs and guidelines for developing a music curriculum based on insight into child development. It also provides a treasure-trove of songs and insights for home-schooling parents. It includes

• 213 Songs for grades one through eight, with suggested activities and notes for teachers;
• 3 CDs with recordings of songs for first, second, and third grades for teachers to learn by listening;
• introductions to each of the grades, providing pedagogical insights and practical suggestions.

“Diane Ingraham Barnes, a highly regarded teacher who has spent a lifetime devoted to music, has assembled this beautiful collection of songs and commentaries that should be an important addition to any classroom or library. From the tender wholeness of the mood of the fifth, to the expansive pentatonic, to enlivening folk tunes and the diatonic profusion stretching from silliness and joy to sorrow and profundity—a foundation is laid for the blossoming of harmony and polyphony. In this collection one can trace the musical odyssey of children’s development through the grades as they prepare their bodily instruments for sounding the soul and spirit.” —Gayle Davis, Rudolf Steiner College

 By Diane Ingraham Barnes Illustrated by Christiane Marks
195 pp.  
8 1/2" x 11"

Adonis Press
Spiral Bound

2nd Edition-Revised