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Peg and Uan Making Friends by Author and Illustrator Sandra Klaassen


14 pp.  
6" x 7"
Illustrations: Full Color

Floris Books
Board Book

Published:  September 2017

Peg the sheepdog puppy lives with her family on a remote Scottish Hebridean island. But Peg is no ordinary sheepdog—she’s afraid of sheep!

Then one day, the family rescues a baby lamb and calls her Uan, which means “lamb” in Gaelic. The children keep Uan warm and give her milk to drink. They want her to be their new pet. But Peg is a bit worried about living with a little lamb.

How will Peg and Uan ever become friends?

Bringing together beautiful illustrations from Sandra Klaassen’s much-loved picture books, Uan the Little Lamb and Peg the Little Sheepdog, this adorable board book introduces very young ones to these charming characters with a sweet story about friendship.

(Ages 1 to 4 years)