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  • Pippa and Pelle Author and Illustrator Daniela Drescher


    12 pp.  
    6 5/8" x 7 3/4"
    Illustrations: Color

    Floris Books

    Board Book

    Published:  March 2015


    Pippa and Pelle wake up on a sunny summer's day looking for an adventure. Exploring the meadow, they meet new animal friends and learn about their homes—the snail in his shell, the frog in his pond, and the beetle in his home made of leaves. However, as night falls they are grateful to return to their warm, cozy home in the strawberry patch...

    Daniela Drescher's distinctive style brings life to this colorful board book—perfect for little hands. Young children will love spending a day in the countryside with Pippa and Pelle.

    (Ages 2-4)