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Pomme and the Pumpkins by Admar Kwant


One afternoon, Pomme helped Dad make pumpkin soup. Dad cut off the pumpkin's cap, and Pomme scooped out the seeds. "You can sow them in the spring," he said, and gave Pomme a basket to keep all her seeds safe once they were dry.

Pomme and her father make pumpkin soup, saving the pumpkin seeds. She carefully plants the seeds, then tends the seedlings when they sprout in spring, fruit in summer and ripen in autumn. But is Pomme the only one looking after her growing pumpkins?

Filled with glowing pastel illustrations, this beautiful book tells the story of how vegetables grow and shares a message of kindness, as Pomme discovers a special new friend has been helping to care for the garden through the seasons.

Pomme and the Pumpkins is a heartwarming new picture book by Admar Kwant, creator of Sam and the Gnome’s Red Hat and the beloved “Pip the Gnome” board-book series.

(Ages 3 to 6 years)  September 2022, 24 pages