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Puck the Gnome Jakob Streit


This story, written by the master storyteller, Jakob Streit, is one of the most delightful children's stories to appear in quite awhile.

The story of Puck, who has one foot facing forward and one backward, illuminates the world of the hard-working gnomes. The moral insights, wisdom, humor, and true goodness found in Puck's adventures will delight both children and adults.

The illustrations by Georges Feldmann are truly magical.
Table of Contents:

The First Pranks
The Gnome Assembly
The Last Grievance and the Confession
In the Kingdom of Deep Earth
The Stolen Gold
How Proll Lied for the Second Time
In the Kingdom of the Fiery Forge
With the King of the Gnomes
The Gnome King's Wonder Garden
Puck in the Human Realm
At the King's Council

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 1-883-65-54-4
100 pages
6 x 9 inches