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Raising Sound Sleepers Helping Children Use their Senses to Rest and Self-soothe by Adam Blanning


“Children weave back and forth between courageous outer exploration and the need for greater inward security. Most measures of child development miss this inward aspect. They take careful note of the (outer) milestones for gross and fine motor skills, and for speech and socialization, but there is little, if any, discussion about the inner steps for growth.” (from the introduction)

What can parents do to avoid bedtime meltdowns? Why do established settling routines stop working? How can children be encouraged to fall asleep more consistently? What simple, natural steps can parents take to help children feel calm?

Sleep and rest aren't always the natural processes we expect them to be. Dr. Adam Blanning, a child-development consultant and holistic physician, suggests that they are learned skills that grow with children along with the physical developmental stages.

This insightful book offers practical ways that parents and care givers can support children toward using their senses—from taste, smell, and touch to balance and movement—to self-soothe, sleep, and, ultimately, build resilience for life.

Based on extensive research and using clear examples, Dr. Blanning explores a range of methods for children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. He tackles key parental concerns and offers:

— Tips for settling toddlers who always say “No!”
— How to establish calming daily rhythms
— Ways to help children settle during times of anxiety
— Self-soothing techniques that improve disruptive behavior

Raising Sound Sleepers is an invaluable resource that empowers parents and care givers to guide children towards rest, sleep, and calmness—skills that are useful throughout life.