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Reclaim Early Childhood The Philosophy, Psychology, and Practice of Steiner-Waldorf Early Years Education


Sebastian Paul Suggate and Tamara Suggate Foreword by Tina Bruce and Joan Almon
224 pp.  
6" x 9"

Hawthorn Press

Published:  May 2019

Reclaim Early Childhood presents a clear, deep and accessible overview of the philosophical, developmental and educational foundations of Rudolf Steiner-Waldorf education as a dynamic, adaptable, creative process for which a profound sense of the uniqueness of each child is foundational.


  1. Education to Meet the Needs of the Child and the Times
  2. The Anthroposophical Foundation Demystified
  3. The Anthroposophical View of the Human Being
  4. The Twelve Senses
  5. The Development of the Child
  6. The Educational Principles: Educating to Freehood
  7. Steiner Education in Practice
  8. Challenges to and for Steiner Education