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Play! Recorders in the Classroom Vol. 2 - Fourth Grade Student


Grade by Grade Guides for Teachers and Wonderful Music for Students!

Grade Four, Volume 2

Student Book:
Second in this series of books designed to make the introduction to playing recorders in elementary grades in the Waldorf School clear and joyful, this second volume follows the format of volume I in taking the teacher step-by-step through playing and practicing fingering for each note on a Choroi diatonic flute or a recorder. Many pieces, perfectly aligned to the techniques involved and the Waldorf curriculum, are included to provide satisfying music to help children realize the skills achieved with each new note. These are taken from an American as well as a worldwide repertoire. This series of “Play! Recorders in the Classroom” offers a simple, straightforward, delightful way to follow the indications given to the first Waldorf teachers, age by age, of the mastering of a wind instrument (next step up from singing!).