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Reflexes, Movement, Learning & Behaviour Analysing and Unblocking Neuro-motor Immaturity by Sally Goddard Blythe

July 2023

Reflexes, Movement, Learning & Behaviour covers an area of education and emotional wellbeing that tends either to be overlooked or to fall between professional domains. It provides information that helps parents, teachers, and other professionals to understand what lies behind the underachieving children and adults who suffer from balance-related anxiety disorders.

The method fills a yawning gap in “the system,” which often fails to recognize underlying physical factors in underachievement, behavioural, and emotional problems. Identifying some of the mechanics involved is the first stage in moving from victimhood to being able to live with a problem and, in many cases, overcome it. This helps parents and teachers to understand children better, introduce more effective coping strategies when needed, and ideally correct some of the underlying problems, enabling children and adults to become more resilient and flexible in response to stress and to realize their real potential.

Educators, learning professionals, child psychologists, doctors, movement specialists and parents will find this book to be an indispensable and unique resource.

C O N T E N T S:

Introduction: Why Physical Development Matters and Its Relationship to School Readiness and Learning Success

1. Primitive Reflexes—Their Influence on Life and Learning
2. From Primitive Reflex to Postural Control
3. Brain Development: Establishing a Hierarchy
4. The Senses: Interreceptor and Exteroceptor Systems
5.Examples of Reflex Testing
6. What Can Be Done?
7. History of the INPP Method and Selected Papers by Lawrence Beuret, MD, and Sally Goddard Blythe

Appendix 1: Case Studies
Appendix 2: A Short History of Reflexes and the INPP Method