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  • Scoochie Mouse and the Light of Love by Theresa Roach Melia


    Jan 2024 108 pages

    Scoochie knew that the family was making ready to go away. Woof knew, too. He had found Scoochie and Furbit in a large clump of grass near the hen house. “Busy family?” asked Scoochie with silent thought words. “Busy, ready to go,” answered Woof. He would miss his mouse friends. Woof nuzzled them gently with his big warm nose. Scoochie patted Woof with her tiny paw. “Goodbye, friends,” Woof said and ran off to get into his place in the car with Jess and Tom...

    Scoochie Mouse makes her home in the chicken coop beneath the nest of her friend Henrietta, on the farm of a kind, loving family with three children, Tom, Jessica, and Lianna, their friend Birdie, and Woof the dog.

    Scoochie’s adventures and growing knowledge of the world are interwoven with the life of the farm and the family, with the circle of the seasons and the fairytales told in the quiet evenings. The world in which Scoochie and the farm family live is our world too, seen through the innocent eyes of childhood.

    Born out of the wisdom of the Waldorf approach to early childhood learning, Scoochie Mouse and the Light of Love and its companions, The Adventures of Scoochie Mouse (2017) and Scoochie Mouse and the Miracle of Life (2021) are gentle, healing books about deep reverence for the natural world, abiding kindness toward all creatures, love, and goodness.

    The short chapters are perfect for reading aloud to young children, and also appropriate for early readers (and grown-ups!) to read themselves.

    (Ages 3–6+ years)