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An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales By Theresa Breslin Kate Leiper


Slithering stoorworms, mischievious brownies, fierce kelpies and magical selkies—these are the creatures of Scottish folklore.

Award-winning children's author Theresa Breslin has collected the best-loved tales from all over Scotland. Retelling each in its own individual style, she presents funny tales, moving stories, and enchanting fairy tales. Soar with the goshawk, dive with selkies and battle with the stoorworm, as each story is brought to life with Kate Leiper's exquisite illustrations that brim with otherworldly beauty.

A wonderful gift, this is a truly stunning book to be treasured for a lifetime and will be enjoyed by parents and grandparents as well as children.

onglisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2013


Table of Contents

The Wee Bannock  
The Water Kelpie 
The Goshawk and the Brave Lady  
Whuppity Stourie  
The Shepherd's Dog  
Rashie Coat  
The Selkie of Sanday 
The Eagle and the Wren 
The Brownie of Ballharn Hill 
The Dragon Stoorworm and the Boy Called Assipattle 
Tale End 

Hardback 160 pages