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See the Child, Love the Child, Know Yourself: Now Teach Elan Leibner

nspiration and vision about teaching and raising children are in the pages of this book of essays. Elan Leibner writes from his years of experience as a class teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton and the Kimberton Waldorf School, from his years as editor of the Research Bulletin, and as chair of the Pedagogical Section Council of North America. This marvelous confluence of skill and insight makes for a rich and rewarding result in a single book! Ideas about how to create a community of teachers through creative study; how to inspire innovation without destroying what is best about the present, but reaching to the future; how to develop skill in child observation as the primary “teacher development” tool for all teachers, are among the powerful topics addressed in an accessible way. This book is a “must read” for all teachers, especially those in Waldorf schools, but teachers in all schools and the home.

Waldorf Publications
76 pages
6 x 9 inches