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Speaking to the Stars An Introduction to Astrosophy by Jonathan Hilton


A New Star Wisdom developed by Willi Sucher from the insights of Rudolf Steiner

“...the great paradox is that the loss of direct spiritual perception of the gods was necessary in evolution so that human beings could fulfill their great task in world evolution. According to Rudolf Steiner, this task is that we become beings of freedom and of the love that is born out of that freedom. This means that the experience of separation from the divine, unique to humanity among all beings, has the possibility, not the predetermination, to establish something new in the cosmos: a rank of beings who freely choose to participate with the divine plan out of the love born from that freedom.” (from the book)

Based on the author’s comprehensive video course on star wisdom (astrosophy), this book presents a thorough introduction to star wisdom as inaugurated by the spiritual philosopher Rudolf Steiner and the pioneer of astrosophy Willi Sucher, whose work and methods Jonathan Hilton has studied, practiced, and developed for many years.

Beginning with the basics, Hilton takes the reader through an introductory course on astrosophy—from understanding and working with the zodiac and planetary spheres to actual chart construction and to the spiritual significance and deeper meaning behind practical astrosophy and its potential for one’s own inner development. In the process, he also brings a historical perspective and carefully draws important distinctions between today’s popular astrology and the esoteric basis for an approach to star wisdom as viewed and developed through spiritual science.

Also included in this course on astrosophy are numerous statements from the works of Rudolf Steiner on our human relationship to the stars, zodiac, and cosmos.

This is an essential guide for anyone who wants to begin a study of this discipline and spiritual path through the stars.

Liberally illustrated with more than seventy color and black-and-white images.

300 pages, paperback