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Lottie, St Michael, and the Lonely Dragon Beatrys Lockie Illustrated by Sandra Klaassen


Lottie is picking apples when a large and angry fire-breathing dragon appears—and it wants to eat her for breakfast! As the townsfolk rush to hide from the beast within their high walls, only Lottie wonders why the dragon is so fierce—could it just be lonely?

The Mayor doesn’t listen and calls on Saint Michael to slay the dragon. Can brave Lottie convince the great knight of her plan to save both the town and the dragon?

This is a charming story about courage, defying expectations and looking beneath the surface. The beautiful illustrations by Sandra Klaassen—creator of the much-loved picture books Uan the Little Lamb and Peg the Little Sheepdog—are lively, soft, and enchanting.

(Ages 4 to 7 years)