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Swedish Painting Paper - 9.45"x12.6" - 100 sheets Round corners - 140 grams


This quality painting paper from Sweden is suitable for wet-on-wet painting. It is a well-liked and trusted staple of schools and art therapists alike. Now this well-loved paper comes with rounded corners too.

Why rounded corners? Because we believe that art and creativity should have no boundaries. Thoughtfully designed to enhance the creative process, our paper enables young children to engage fully in the interplay of colors and shapes. With this paper, the constraints that right angles may impose are removed. While right angles can serve a functional purpose, they also possess a rigid quality that can hinder children's creativity. On the other hand, our rounded corners extend an invitation to freedom and flexibility, enabling the ideas of each child to flow uninhibitedly. It is also a beautiful shape that anyone can appreciate.

Dimensions: 9.45 x 12.6 inches (24x32cm), 100 sheets, color: off white