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Sylvain and Jocosa by Kelly Morrow


Sylvain and Jocosa tells the beautiful story of two friends, whose love is so deep that they are lifted out of their senses where they neglect their daily duty to tend to a fountain. As a result of this neglect the fountain raises up into a massive rushing river, ever widening, that separates the two friends, pushing them farther and farther apart.

They are relieved eventually from this terrible fate by a special being that watches over them. Afterwards, they have gained great wisdom regarding the importance of tending to life's small duties, whilst remaining thankful for the simple pleasures the world has graced upon them.

This book also has the exciting element of a short fable folded within the larger tale. Together the two stories weave a rich fabric of pictures for the soul, where the metaphors will surely come alive and occupy the imagination of all children who take up the task of reading them.

Written and illustrated by class teacher Kelly Morrow, Sylvain and Jocosa is one of four introductory readers. The author is a trained reading specialist and has used her skills to provide young children with adequate material as they take up the wonderful adventure of learning to read.

Waldorf Publications
ISBN 978-1-936367-03-3
19 pages
6 x 8.5 inches