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Teaching Geography by Roy Wilkinson


32 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"



Of all subjects, geography perhaps lends itself best to awakening a feeling of social responsibility. By social responsibility, we mean the awareness of, and consideration for, other people and other modes of life. The earth is the living space and the workplace of all human beings.

Since we have a world economy, the use of the world's resources is everybody's business. Is it a pleasant thought that one in every three of the world's population is undernourished? There are diseases that are the concern of every nation. The whole question of pollution is now very much in the public mind. Water is polluted, so is the atmosphere. Natural resources are limited. Humanity has a responsibility to the earth itself, if only in self-interest. Geography shows the interdependence of the human being and nature, and also demonstrates the necessity for wide cooperation.