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Teaching Mathematics, by Roy Wilkinson


Teaching Mathematics, by Roy Wilkinson

Mathematics, in the context of the classroom, often seems to be a trivial affair of counting and measuring, but in itself it has wide-ranging implications. The teacher who dwells a little on these will be in a position to convey the material to his or her pupils in a much more extensive and interesting way than one who takes a more superficial attitude. Mathematics, the science of space and number, is something universal and all-embracing. Its manifestations are to be found everywhere, sometimes apparent, sometimes less apparent; but, like all nature, it will reveal itself to the inquiring mind.


  • 1st and 2nd grade: From the whole to the parts, Number symbols, Pictorial introduction to the four processes, Rhythms, Number games, Geometry in drawing and movement
  • 3rd grade: Measurement, Derivation of terms
  • 4th grade: Fractions, Factors, Ratio and proportion
  • 5th grade: Families of numbers, Decimals
  • 6th grade: Squaring, cubing, square and cube roots; Geometrical figures; pi; Percentage and interest
  • 7th grade: Algebra, Graphs, Golden ratio, Progressions, Pythagorean theorem
  • 8th grade: Platonic solids, Algebraic fractions