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The Extra Lesson, by Audrey McAllen

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The Extra Lesson, by Audrey McAllen

This revised and expanded 6th edition of The Extra Lesson gives careful and thorough instructions for the remedial drawing, painting, and movement exercises developed by Audrey E. McAllen. The difficulties experienced by students struggling to learn writing, reading, and arithmetic are addressed by the activities described. Students of elementary and high school age are able to find a new connection to who they are and to their tasks, thus overcoming obstacles to their learning.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • The Development of Movement in the First Seven Years
  • Children with Writing, Reading, and Arithmetic Problems
  • Assessment Exercises: Procedures, Interpretations, Recommendations
  • Exercises: Exercises to Develop Body Geography; Exercises to Develop Spatial Orientation; Exercises for Supporting Further Integration of Early Movement Patterns, Midlines, and Will Senses; Exercises to Support Eye Movement Development; Exercises for Developing Sense of Rhythm with Harmonization of Body Space and Breathing; Exercises for Establishing Dominance on the Right or Left Side of the Body; Stretching and Lifting Exercises in Relation to the Three Dimensions of Space; Drawing Exercises; Painting Exercises
  • Development of Reading through a Living Relationship to Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Structure and Timing of Lessons
  • Reassessment: Monitoring Progress
  • Using the Exercises for Classes or Groups
Audrey McAllen is an English Waldorf teacher who has spent a lifetime developing ways to help children who have learning difficulties. She based her work on study of Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding spiritual aspects of human development and on her observation of and practical work with many children.