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  • The Gerda Muller Seasons Gift Collection Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Illustrated by Gerda Muller


    48 pp.  
    5 3/8" x 6 1/4"
    Illustrations: Color

    Floris Books

    Boxed Set

    Published:  March 2018

    Celebrate the seasons together! Gerda Muller's beautiful “Seasons” board books are loved the world over. Beautifully illustrated, and with no words, children and parents can imagine their own story or simply spend time spotting characters and details in the lively seasonal scenes.
    This charming gift box includes four mini board books, one for each season.

    As spring arrives children play with lambs, sow seeds and paint Easter eggs. In summer they fish for tadpoles, play at the beach and eat ice cream. By autumn the leaves have fallen and it's time to collect horse chestnuts, fly kites and make jam. In winter the snow has come and they have fun ice-skating, feeding the birds, and being cozy inside with the Christmas tree.

    This adorable collection would make an ideal baby gift or present for a young child, and will encourage their imagination and love of the natural world.

    (Ages 1–3 years)