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  • The Shepherd Boy and the Christmas Gifts by Aly Hilberts Illustrated by Sanne Dufft


    32 pp.  
    8 1/4" x 9 1/4"
    Illustrations: Full Color

    Floris Books

    Published:  September 2017

    Nathan wants to be a shepherd like his father but he also loves to craft beautiful figures from wood and wool he collects on the hills. His father loses patience, and Nathan agrees to throw away his toys and look after the sheep more carefully.

    Then one night an angel appears to the shepherds and tells them that a special child has been born. Nathan knows they must go and see the baby—but what can be bring as a gift?

    A heartwarming and unique version of the Christmas story, suitable for young children, with joyful artwork from German illustrator Sanne Dufft.

    (Ages 4 – 7 years)