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The Waldorf Parenting Handbook Useful Information on Child Development and Education from Anthroposophical Sources by Lois Cusick


128 pp.  
8 1/2" x 11"


The author put her experiences together with those of Waldorf school teachers and schools, as well as anthroposophic doctors and psychiatrists. Although each Waldorf school teacher and school is different from every other in numerous ways, this guide offers an impressionistic collage that provides food for thought for all parents of existing and prospective Waldorf students.

  • Contents:

  1. The Child is Born
    Hereditary/Genetic Stream and the Self; Embryonic Sheaths and Threefold Nature of the Child
  2. The First Three Years
    Growing Down; Walking, Talking, Thinking
  3. The Temperaments
    Fourfold Bodily Nature; The Developmental Sequence of Juvenile Temperaments
  4. Fantasy and Fact in Early Childhood
    Circle of the Senses; Mechanical Fantasy and Language; Nursery School
  5. How: Methods and the Three R's
    Writing Before Reading; Arithmetic; Main Lesson; The Spoken Word; Arts and Crafts
  6. The Magic Years: First to Third Grade
    Fairy Tale Meaning and Language; Sequence of the Curriculum
  7. Grades Four to Seven
    Animal Study; History; Plants; The Twelfth Year and the Fall into the Point; Acoustics; Color
  8. Puberty: Birth of the Self
    Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Polarities; Adolescence; High School